Oxygen Therapy – I will never be without it!

April 30, 2012

Oxygen can be a real life saver!  

Kay Aubrey-Chimene
Grand Adventures Ranch – Holistic Equine Wellness Center

ozone generatorI don’t know how I ever survived without an ozone generator in my life.  For wound healing, infections, ulcers and general disease prevention it has, quite literally, been a life (and money) saver.

I was introduced to oxygen therapy in the mid 80′s when a diving trip to Mexico resulted in a case of Montezuma’s Revenge. After 3 months of being sick every 4 or 5 days, I gave up on my HMO and went to a Naturopath. He put me on a course of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide. It killed whatever had been making me sick and cleared up a lifetime of yeast infections. Some years later the FDA decided that food grade H2O2 was too dangerous for people to use and keep in their homes (unlike the Drano under my sink) and removed it from the market (it can now be purchased in some areas again).  In recent years oxygen therapies have been growing in popularity: ozone gas, hyperbaric chambers, stabilized liquid oxygen, powdered ozone – all are more available now and being understood as an important healing option.

How does oxygen therapy work? Most primitive lower life forms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are anaerobic. This includes HIV, cancer virons and arthritis causing microbes. They can’t survive when surrounded by oxygen. Oxygen therapies provide oxygen to the body in the form of “O1″, a singlet oxygen atom. O1 is an oxidizer – it burns up pathenogens.  Normal, healthy body cells protect themselves with an anti-oxidant enzyme called super-oxide dismutase and so are not harmed by the free oxygen.

Like ourselves, our horses’ bodies are made up of over 60% water. We can cleanse this water-rich body with ozone in the same way that our drinking water is purified by bubbling ozone through it.  Oxygen therapy for horses, which is still legal here in Arizona, is given as a powder into the feed, by IV, rectally, or in an oxygen tent. Each way has its strengths and weaknesses.

Here in our barn we use an Octazone (O8) generator. Octazone devolves quickly into ozone (O3) and then to plain O.  It works just like ozone but is simply more concentrated.  Ozone Machines are more commonly available and work extremely well to deliver concentrated nascent oxygen into the body.  Ozone can be delivered by IV (by a vet) or rectally and vaginally to deliver oxygen rapidly to the liver.  My vet and I have studied the efficacy of using it on Pigeon Fever horses and have used it successfully for Strangles, lung abscesses, ulcers and every other infection that shows up.  Oxygen is also a component of every cancer recovery protocol that we put together.  Lu Ann Groves, DVM (one of my heroes) also uses Ozone therapy at her Whole Horse Equine Center in San Marcos, TX.

How have we used the Octazone/Ozone Therapy with our herd?

  • Mare with leg in oxygen tentWe treated a mare with severe leg lacerations by placing her entire leg into a garbage bag and then filling the bag with Octazone. Her healing was remarkable and she never needed an antibiotic.
  • Another mare that drastically sliced her neck, healed quickly and, as soon as we began using ozone directly into the wound, dropped from needing high levels of banamine painkiller to simply herbal tinctures within a day.
  • A yearling colt arrived at the ranch with active Strangles abscesses ready to explode.  Along with Nuprim antibiotic daily he received IV octazone the first day and rectal octazone for a week after that.  Within 72 hours the abscesses had been completely reabsorbed.  No other horse was infected and an outbreak was averted.
  • Pigeon Fever infected horses were treated with rectal octazone as well as octazone directly into draining abscesses.  They not only healed so quickly that we had to keep re-opening the abscesses, they were recovered from the Pigeon Fever in an average of 7 days.
  • My beloved “Sport”, teacher of holistic approaches extraordinaire, was hit by ulcers after moving to the new ranch.  He responded extremely well to a combination of injected Glyoxylide and regular IV ozone.  He was completely past the ulcers within 90 days and they never reoccured.
The number of veterinarians who use Oxygen Therapy is low, but growing. It is difficult (but not expensive) to find training, but they have to seek it. In the US, Ozone therapy is only taught privately or in Naturopathic schools so your vet or your doctor may be unfamiliar with it. My hope is that by spreading the awareness of the benefits of Oxygen Therapies, people will demand its availability.

Mag 07For those reading this post who have no access to a vet with Ozone/Octazone systems, you can go a long way towards oxygenating the body with powdered ozone products.  My favorite is Mag 07.  Just mix the powder with water and drench it in, or add it to a grain/pellet mix.  Not quite as efficient as ozone/octazone but certainly a start toward quickly raising oxygen levels.

For a great book on the benefits of Oxygen Therapies read Ed McCabe’s book “Flood Your Body With Oxygen”.  It can be well worth your time to find out more about how ozone or other oxygen therapies can help you, your animals and your barn!

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Hector Gonzalez December 29, 2012 at 1:47 pm

I very interested to learn more, where I can buy an affordable ozone equipment to use in horses.



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